Are you looking to improve your workout routine? Should you focus on weights or cardio? How can you factor in strengthening a core that is growing more flabby? Here are 4 awesome tips for you to try this week!

Work your core:

Our core sustains a lot more than just our gut.  Working the core and keeping it healthy is key to #optimalhealth and longevity. Check out these awesome exercises from Live Strong:

  • Do three sets of a maximum number of crunches three times a week to strengthen your stomach muscles.
  • Plank (properly) for 20 seconds and do 3-6 sets.

Check your heart rate:

So our heart rate says a lot about the effectiveness of our workout routine! Tapping into an understanding of your heart rate zone for the particular goals you’ve set for yourself will increase your results.  Read this helpful article to know how to get your target heart rate.

Keep your balance:

As we age, our ability to balance well decreases.  This leads to a greater risk for falls, broken bones, and severe injuries.  A super easy technique to improve your balance is to simply stand on one leg for up to 30 seconds, twice a day. Train your brain to keep your balance!

Avoid muscle mass loss:

With the increase of age comes the loss of muscle mass. And, unfortunately, it only escalates with age! If you’re not already going weight training, work with your doctor and a trainer to come up with a healthy routine for yourself, and one that varies to keep your body guessing and your brain from getting bored!