Making decisions for personal health and wellbeing are so important, and part of that decision is to involve a qualified and knowledgable physician in your journey.

Are you looking for advice or help with your #optimalhealth plans?  Do you wish that there was a way to personally connect withtelephone_consult Dr. Jeffry Life and get some answers from the expert himself?

Well, there is!

We wanted to let you know about two very sought-after options for connecting with Dr. Life.  But don’t wait!  These opportunities are limited and fill up quickly!

How to connect to Dr. Life

First, you can connect with Dr. Life via his telephone consultation service and speak personally, one-on-one with Dr. Life regarding your unique health concerns.  This may be our most popular resource here on, so don’t wait to contact us and set up your appointment today!

Second, did you know that Dr. Life has an office where you can meet with him face to face?  His office is located in Charleston, West Virginia and there are a limited number of spots waiting for new patients to join the existing clients being personally treated by Dr. Life’s wonderful skill.

Head over to the “Contact Us” page on and fill out the form to be connected to our friendly office staff.  We look forward to serving you as you engage with Dr. Life and continue your personal journey towards #optimalhealth.