NutritionforHormones (1)

Hormones are the messengers of the body that encourage healthy vitality and continue to “run the system”.  Without these being in balance, a lot of issues pop up and grow worse as time goes on if things are not addressed.

While it is essential that you talk with your doctor about hormone balance and find out what you specifically need for #optimalhealth, there are things you can do and small changes you can make in your daily life which can contribute to a healthier hormone balance.

One of the best ways to help your hormones is to feed them well!  The body needs certain essentials like clean proteins and healthy fats to produce healthy hormones.  Take time to learn about these foods and, in conjunction with the counsel of your doctor, maintain a good variety of these hormone healthy foods to keep your body in the best nutritional place it can be in regards to your hormones!

Here’s a great list from to help you begin to think towards foods that will contribute to your #optimalhealth, especially your hormones!

Clean proteins (things like soaked nuts, quinoa, and wild caught fish)
Hormone balancing healthy fats (coconut oil, avocado, etc.)
Antioxident-rich vegetables (deep and bright colored vegetables, colorful starchy vegetables)
Healing spices and herbs (cinnamon, turmeric, etc.)


And did you know that carrots (one of those antioxident-rich vegetables) contain a unique fiber that binds to toxins and carries them out of the body?  This can be essential to clearing your body of hormone-blocking or slowing toxins.  Eating just one raw carrot a day can help with this.  (Also check out the link above for an incredible hormone-balancing carrot salad!  We can’t wait to try it out.)