Made a New Year’s Resolution to actually start going to the gym this year?

If so, you’re not alone — but the odds are stacked against you.

In fact, while over 40% of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution each year, about 80% of them give up on them by February. By the end of the year, only about 8% of people have actually made the changes that they wanted to in the new year.

What can you do to end up in that 8% and achieve your personal fitness goals, no matter your age or current fitness level?

Read on to find out.

1. Get An Accountability Buddy

It’s a lot easier to make your personal fitness goals happen when you have a friend by your side to encourage — and even to compete with — you.

When you know you’ve made someone else get out of the bed at 5:00 AM to hit the gym before work, you’re much more likely to show up.

Text your fitness buddy words of encouragement, meal plan together, and even sign up for the same morning classes.

Remember, it’s all about making the time — not making excuses.

2. Celebrate Mini Milestones

Yes, everyone wants to see a big number on the scale when it comes to weight loss.

While it’s important to keep your eyes on the overall prize, you need to celebrate your successes along the way if you want to stay motivated. For example, if you make it to the gym five days out of the week, reward yourself by going out for a cocktail with friends.

Skipped the takeout for two weeks?

Celebrate that by spending the money you saved on a day at the spa.

3. Get Some New Gym Clothes

You’ve heard the saying, “The clothes make the man,” but sometimes, the clothes make the workout, too.

Jump on the workout fashion bandwagon and treat yourself to some seriously awesome and flattering workout gear. This will help you to feel more confident at the gym, and will encourage you to get out and show off your look!

Plus, knowing that you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on those awesome sweats or cool sneakers will definitely encourage you to stick with it.

4. Do It For You

The number-one best way to stay motivated when it comes to your personal fitness goals?

Be sure you’re doing it for the right reason — you.

It’s not about losing weight so you can get revenge on your ex, or getting in better shape so that you can be the buffest guy un the office.

While those can be powerful short-term motivators, they won’t do much to keep you inspired in the long-term.

You know what will?

Knowing that you’re pounding the pavement for no one other than yourself.

How Else Can You Achieve Your Personal Fitness Goals?

Thanks to this post, you now have several effective tools when it comes to keeping you motivated at the gym.

However, you also need to know how to cook healthy meals, create a proper gym-life balance, and even how to get in the right mindset to work out.

We can help.

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