The ability to influence longevity and quality of life are not novel concepts – in fact, they have been around for centuries. Ancient texts dating back to about 2100 BCE even refer to the idea of life extension. The notion of longevity itself has stood the test of time, and new and innovative research is still being performed on modern anti-aging solutions today. By studying this modern research, along with thousands of centuries of anti-aging exploration, Dr. Jeffry Life, MD, PhD, FAAFP, has developed an innovative program designed combat the effects of aging.

In the 16th Century, an Italian nobleman, Luigi Cornaro wrote a book entitled The Art of Living Long. In the book, he espoused the idea that diet was key to health as you age. Though modern ideas of nutrition differ from the 16th century, diet is still of great importance. As a part of Dr. Life’s program, you are taught the proper nutrition and supplied with the correct supplements to achieve optimal health.

Furthermore, with Dr. Life’s program, we are closer to living in the world envisioned by Cornaro: one that is free from diseases commonly associated with age. In fact, Dr. Life focuses on prevention of heart attack and stroke, which are the number one killer of modern Americans. With his innovative program, you will unlock the secrets to avoiding these common diseases.

The Degenerative Effects of Aging

Throughout the 19th century, scientific research continued to advance. Scientists began to discover the specific degenerative effects of aging and applied them to anti-aging techniques. As we progressed into the 20th century, the processes by which aging effected the mind and body were developing. Unfortunately, without modern advancements, 20th century physicians were unable to stop the progression of aging. Researchers continued to experiment on viable anti-aging options, studying everything from hygiene practices to animal sex glands.

With the formation of the American Geriatrics Society and the Gerontological Society of America in the 1940’s, many of the questionable experimentation of the past had ceased, and more modern advancements in anti-aging were developing. Today, along with diet and exercise, research has lead the way for innovative hormone optimization therapies, such as those used with much success by Dr. Life. This unique program will allow you to take charge of your health as you age.

With Dr. Life, your age will not be associated with feebleness or declining mental and physical health. Though we begin to age from the moment we are born, using Dr. Life’s program, we have the ability to choose a path of health and fitness, which will help prevent, slow, and even reverse the effects of aging.

With a Life Club membership, not only can you maintain your independence and autonomy that is often lost as we mature, you can be healthier than you were years ago. His proven system of fitness, nutrition, hormone optimization, and disease prevention offers the latest advancements in age management. To keep up with the newest information on anti-aging, health, and disease prevention information, sign up for the Life Club today.