“Having known Dr. Life for over a decade, I’ve been continually inspired by his ongoing transformation.  He’s shoing that remarkable physical fitness and vitality can be achieved at any age.  He is a true expert who has the unique combination of a physician’s intellect and the practical wisdom which can only be achieved when you combine knowing what to do with doing what you know.  Long live life!”

Bill Phillips, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Body-for-LIFE and founder of Tranformation.com

“Exercise and nutrition are the paths to feeling and looking good.  Dr. Life’s book explains his methods in easy-to-understand terms, and his physique and mind proves that it works.”

Lawrence A. Golding, Ph.D., FACSM, exercise physiologist, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“Since I’ve been under the care of Dr. Life, my goal of living a productive life until at least 100 seems possible.  My overall health has improved dramatically and I look and feel many years younger.  I’ve recommended Dr. Life to all my friends.”

Rick Barry, member of the Basketball Hall of Fame and an NBA All-Time Top 50 Player

“At the time of my first appointment with Dr. Life, he ran a CIMT that showed developing cardiovascular disease. I showed my CIMT report to my cardiologist who had done my annual physicals for the last ten years. He read the report and his reaction was immediate and serious. My CIMT showed a plaque burden that put me in the red zone.  My cardiologist said the problem needed immediate attention, and he agreed with Dr. Life’s recommendation of taking a statin and baby aspirin daily. Additionally, my doctor told me the CIMT needed to be run and reviewed every year.

“I was surprised. When asked why this test was not ordered by him at any time during the past ten years, he told me there was no sign of any problem on my routine blood test panels. As such there was not a medical necessity for the CIMT.  Now that a problem was detected, I needed to take statins and baby aspirin and it was not negotiable.”

“Thank you, Dr. Life, for taking the time to take a good, hard look at me and treating a medical condition that could have turned into a heart attack or stroke.”

Best always,

G. S. age 69

“Dr. Life’s book is life-changing . . . a fabulous read.”

Suzanne Somers, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Sexy Forever

Achieving and maintaining balance is the primary goal in my life.  That is why I follow the expertise of Dr. Life.”

Cesar Millan, TV star and dog behaviorist

“Read on and change your life.”

Steve Miller, former NFL football player and former director of Global Sports Marketing, Nike, Inc.