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Here are our top 10 picks for websites and apps that can help you in your goals towards #optimalhealth.  What a great time of history we live in where there is so much (literally) “at our fingertips” in the way of helpful media for keeping track of everything from your steps to your calorie intake.  Check them out!  Then join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter to chime in with your own reviews or favorite apps!


Top Ten Technology Helps for #optimalhealth

#10 – Productive (Set goals for everything from

#9 – Couch to 5K (just what it says.  You start with minimal fitness level and it works you up to being able to run/jog a 5K in 8 weeks)

#8 – Rock My Run (music streaming set to your pace… free or paid version)

#7 – Sworkit Lite (Pre-loaded workouts for quick exercises.  A great one for those of us who travel!  There is also a paid version.)

#6 – Seconds (for interval training)

#5 – Edomondo (cycling app)

#4 – Nike Training Club (Might be better than the gym!  Creates a custom, 4-week workout plan based on your fitness and goals.  You can eliminate running from the lineup, if that’s something that you aren’t able to do.)

#3 – Yummly (We all have to eat!  This is a great app to find incredible recipes based on your taste and nutrition needs.)

#2 – MapMyRun (… or my walk.  This is a great app to measure your distance and see where you’ve been.  You can even share it on your social media to let others know what fun your morning exercise was!)

#1 – My Fitness Pal (track everything from your weight goals, to nutrition and daily exercise.  This app helps you set goals based on your current fitness level and where you want to get to.)