Do you have an excessive sweet tooth?  Is it a struggle to get through the day without eating a refined sugar product?  Here are some of the symptoms you might be experiencing if you need a sugar detox in your nutritional outlook:

  • Hunger pains (sugar and carbs are quick to be digested and leave you feeling hungry… craving more of the same!)
  • Headaches and fatigue
  • Mood swings and “foggy” mental state
  • Obesity, diabetic symptoms

How to Start

Where do you begin on a sugar-free diet endeavor?  Begin with a detox!  Your body needs to rid itself of excessive sugar and sugar cravings.  Here’s a great guide.

Go Shopping!

You might need to replace a large portion of your normal food purchases.  Be forewarned, processed sugar is in EVERYTHING, it seems.  Check labels!!!  This list will give you a good idea of what to look for at the store.

Find a Substitute!

Sugar free doesn’t mean there can be no sweetness in your life!  Less is more in the case of these natural sweetener substitutes to processed sugar.  What’s your favorite?