Fighting that mid morning or afternoon craving? Just can’t seem to keep yourself from snacking? Tone down the breakfast and lunch portions and let yourself have a healthy snack to make it through the afternoon or until lunchtime! Here are some ideas to get you started!

Plant Based:

Whole grains and nut-energy gives quite a boost for that afternoon craving.  Try some of these options!

Make finding whole food plant based diet snacks easy with this list of delicious and easy to make snacks.:

Some like it sweet:

Just because you want “healthy”, doesn’t mean it can’t be sweet!  Some super-sweet, super-foods are things like sweet potatoes and bananas.  Try this cookie recipe for an awesome sweet-tooth satisfaction!

Superfood Sweet Potato Cookies from Healthy Helper | For a healthy sweet treat that benefits your brain and your body as a whole, reach for one of these Superfood Sweet Potato Cookies! Full of whole food ingredients and lots of Omega-3s your snack cravings will be satisfied and your body will be energized. Vegan, gluten-free, and oil-free cookie goodness!

Savory bites:

Sweet not your thing?  Try these incredible chickpea crunchy snacks!  You won’t be sorry!

Put those chips down and try these honey mustard roasted chickpeas instead. Only 4 ingredients and they make the perfect snack!  Vegan and gluten free.: