We live in a world that is constantly moving!  But we need to have some time to just stop, relax, and allow our bodies the natural time for healing, growth, and repair that sleep allows.  Here are some important sleep facts that you must keep in mind as you carve out time to let your body rest.


This article tells us that sleep deprivation in our world is often due to longer work hours, an inability to nap or rest during the day because of job responsibilities, and increased technology which causes our brains to keep running and also keeps us up at night!  That’s a lot of factors there.  So, what can we do about sleep deprivation and how can we avoid these serious implications we’ve seen in the above graphic?

  • Skip the caffeine and process sugars.  This is just healthier in general, but when it comes to sleep, these things can affect your body’s ability to rest.  Replace these instead with foods that have high levels of tryptophan: bananas, yogurt, eggs, turkey.
  • Lose the pets.  Sorry, Fluffy and Fido.  Studies show that people who sleep with their pets don’t get the same quality of sleep.  Get them their own spot OFF of your bed!
  • Technology is a big culprit.  Suggestions include getting offline and unplugging anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour before bedtime.  Either way, set yourself an “unplug” timer and begin the process of relaxing without a screen.
  • Find a routine!  It works for big people too, not just babies.  Find a routine you love and stick to it! Maybe you like a nice, relaxing soak in a warm tub.  Or perhaps a cup of tea and a good book while lounging on the couch.  Whatever it is, try to stick to the same routine each night and watch your body fall into a natural pattern.

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