Our health is so wholistic.  There are many, many aspects and facets to our lives and all of them intertwine, intersect into a beautiful rhythm that becomes our day to day.  One huge, and often overlooked, portion of #optimalhealth is your mental health. Dr. Life and the staff at The Apeiron Center know just how integral this part of your health can be!

In our busy society and performance-driven culture, it’s often easy to overlook the necessary and essential moments of rest and self-care that we need!  We found this great article from that teaches a great method for daily self-care.  She entitles it “The Power Hour” and gives tips on how to devote 20 minutes to the mind, 20 minutes to the body, and 20 minutes to the soul.  Her suggestion?  Begin the day this way and set the tone for a healthy mental outlook all day long!

If you’re partifularly busy and surrounded by noise (mental or physical), you might go a step further and begin to develop ideas for personal retreat on an occasional basis.  A recommendation for a particularly stressed-out mind?  How about devoting some time to a silent retreat?  Here is a list of the top 10 retreat centers in the US.  Want to read about someone who did it themselves?  Read Daniel Noll’s incredible recounting of his experience at the Vipassana 10-day meditation retreat.  While this is quite a committment, is anything really more important than your #optimalhealth?

Don’t sit by and wait for your stress level to rise above the point where you can recover.  Find a way to begin a purposeful self-care routine this week!  Make sure you find a way to let us know about it!  Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.