What does your DNA have to do with the changing seasons?  A lot, actually!  According to Chris Wallace of Cambridge University, there is a distinct effect of the length of the day on your genes!  For instance, when your body is fighting flu and cold viruses in the winter months, your genes are programmed to send out T-cells to fight those illnesses. In the summer, your bloodstream is loaded with water-retaining hormones to keep you hydrated.

So, if our bodies are programmed to adjust to the changing seasons, we better do our part in helping them to prepare!  Here are a few essential ideas to help you as the seasons begin to change.

Gear up for Autumn

  • Wear a scarf – protects your neck and helps to boost immunity
  • Eat warming soups and stews – nourish your body to fight off colds and flus
  • Drink room temperature water
  • Sleep more!
  • Get a massage – helpful for seasonal allergies, stresses of the end of summer, extended outdoor activity, and so much more!

Interestingly, as we move into different seasons, the foods available during that season contain essential nutrients for our bodies needs, depending on the colder or warmer temperatures and environmental conditions.  Yet another reason to eat local and find some local markets to purchase your food!

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