As Dr. Life continues in the quest for #optimalhealth using the breakthrough field of genomics and the incredible opportunities it can afford his clients, we continue to use this space to educate and inform you on the topic of what genomics is and what it can mean to YOU.

Today we wanted to share a podcast from Liz Parrish, founder and CEO of BioViva Science USA, a company committed to extending healthy life spans using gene therapy.

Here is a quote from the podcast description to give you a taste of what you will be hearing from Ms. Parrish today.

Liz and her team at BioViva want to not only extend people’s life expectancy, but to allow people to live to be 120 or older in a youthful and capable way by tackling biological aging as a disease in and of itself.

Part of what makes this research so exciting is the fact that extending healthy life spans has broad-reaching humanitarian implications. If we become a healthier and longer-lived population, that increases our humanitarian outreach, how we cultivate land and how we see the future. In short, we make better choices.

Join in and listen to the incredible information Ms. Parrish has devoted her life to discovering and implementing within the field of genomics.