Can you believe that we’re gearing up to say goodbye to 2016 and say hello to 2017?!  So much has happened here at through the year and as we prepare for a new series on how to welcome in the new year, here are a few of our favorite posts from the past year:

Workout tips from around the web:

This blog post brought in a lot of great feedback from Dr. Life fans as we work together towards #optimalhealth.

Heart Healthy Habits:

So important to your #optimalhealth is your heart!!!  Learn more about what we discovered as great healthy habits for your heart.

Super Foods:

We love these super foods and the great options to include them in your diet today!!!  Check it out!

Dr. Life’s big announcement:

Don’t forget the biggest event of our year… The Apeiron Center welcomed Dr. Life as an additional staff member to their already amazing team of human potential experts.  We continue to move forward with these amazing opportunities for Dr. Life’s clients.