Meet 90-year-old Bette Calman.  She was an active yoga teacher, teaching 11 classes a day, until age 87 and now works with her great-grandson in the yoga industry.  Her words of wisdom?  She told “She feels that a person’s body continues to do what it is used to, and the years of stretching, moving, sitting on the floor in posture, and exercising out stress and worry can be credited for the way she is still able to move.”


Are you a song and dance person?  So is Hank Brunje who was one of the original cast members of West Side Story back in 1957!  At age 78, he was still doing 190 shows a year.  It worked for his cholesterol!  Check out what he says, “I’m losing weight (his contract calls for him to stay under 183 pounds). When I first came here, my cholesterol was 265. I had a test the other day, and it was 186. I’m starting to feel that I should be on stage more so than ever. You start to work your craft. We’re doing nearly 190 shows a year. You start to get pretty good.”


Meet Charlie and Jackie who have been dancing together for over 3 decades.  In their late 60s, they’re still able to dance circles around the rest of us!  Enjoy this and do whatever you need to do to KEEP MOVING today!  Take another step toward your #optimalhealth.