Big words, we know.  Over on the Apeiron Center blog, Dr. Dan Stickler and the staff of highly trained professionals (including Dr. Life!) are helping us to understand and know more and more about the genomics of our bodies.  (Look out for this free webinar from Dr. Stickler coming up soon and find out more about a genomic diet.)

So, “mitochondria”… what in the world is that and how does it affect your energy?  Here’s a little glimpse into this very informative article and what it could mean for you!

apeiron-quote-image-4-161208-5849df0b9c6c9So, essentially, this is the part of your genetic code that helps you to have energy.  Struggling with energy?  You might need to have some supplemental support for your mitochondria!  Contact Dr. Life today to find out how you can understand more about this important aspect of your genetic code!

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