We are all aware that stress isn’t a great thing for #optimalhealth, but really, what’s the “big deal” with stress anyway? Check out these tips and articles so you can evaluate how you are managing stress in your daily life!  Don’t forget to invite others into the process of learning with you.  Having others who are also curious about improving their #optimalhealth is a sure-fire way to keep yourself motivated as you all move forward together!


Signs and Symptoms

Do any of these things ring a bell?  If so, make a mental note and keep reading!

Define stress

What exactly do we mean when we say “stress”?  Is it the frustrated feeling you get in rush-hour traffic?  Or the jolt of realization when you check the flight departures and yours is delayed?  Is it the panicked breathing that results from seeing your credit card bill after a particularly difficult month?  The Apeiron Center recently wrote an article about stress and this is what they had to say about stress:

Stress can be described as a feeling of being worn out or a feeling of pressure to keep up with the super-speed pace of modern society or it may just be a feeling of being emotionally uneasy.

The good news?  Stress is a feeling… but like many emotional responses, prolonged exposure to those physiological effects can bring longer-term results.  Some of which are unwelcomed.

Tips to Reduce Stress

Here’s a great list of some ways to reduce stress.  Don’t forget, if you’re having significant symptoms of chronic stress (as listed above in the graphic), be sure to have a conversation with your doctor as well!