Protein is such a vital part of our nutritional needs and #optimalhealth.  But is just any protein the best?  Lean protein is suggested to improve the nutritional benefits in our diet and we’d like to give you some tips and information on how to make food choices to get the most from your protein intake.

So, why do we need to incorporate lean proteins into our diets? gives us a great article and includes reasons such as weight loss, maintenance of healthy muscle mass, and beautiful hair! tells us that leaner cuts of protein contain complete protein, high levels of vitamin B12 and iron, and contain less saturated fat than higher fat protein.

Not only is it important to incorporate lean proteins, but choosing the best and most beneficial lean proteins is vital to improving #optimalhealth.  Did you know that experts recommend that you get lean protein from whole foods vs. things like protein powder and bars?  Here’s a great guide from that helps us to find the best lean proteins and also gives great tips on how to use them in everyday diets.

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