As Dr. Life continues forward in his partnership with The Apeiron Center, we wanted to bring you some of their incredible resources and information.

One of the biggest things we understand here at is that your #optimalhealth incorporates ALL of you.  It involves your mind, body, soul, and spirit.  There are elements of each and every component of your person which need to be addressed in order to reach a place of the highest human potential and health.

Recently, on The Apeiron Center blog, Dr. Laura Marion shared some of her expertise on the art of meditation.  As an expert in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, she is especially competent to give these beautiful meditation practices to us.

Read the article on The Apeiron Center’s website for your self and understand some of the ways she encourages clients to practice meditation for the health of their minds, and for their #optimalhealth as a whole.  Here is an excerpt for you to enjoy:

Movement Meditation

Cultivate mindfulness during a leisurely walk. Walking can be a time when the mind wanders but you can focus and bring awareness to the act walking on earth. Again, bring attention to lower abdominal breathing; four breaths in and six breaths out. Observe and feel your feet touching the ground. If in nature- which is ideal, immerse yourself in the physical senses -celebrate the sights and sounds of all that is around you. Bringing mindfulness to activities -eating, working, talking, gardening- allows the brain to function from a place of clarity. It truly is all about being in the moment.

For the Techies! Voted as one of the top meditation apps for 2016, the Mindfulness App is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. This unique app not only offers users a guided or silent meditation, it also includes a walking meditation to incorporate with your daily mindfulness stroll.