Have you seen changes in your mind and body as you begin to mature? Are you disappointed by the fatigue, weight gain, or lack of energy that you may be experiencing? Do you wish you had the sexual function you used to enjoy? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Dr. Life’s age management program can change your life for the better.

With this program, Dr. Life and his expert team will give you the tips and techniques you need to look and feel younger, while enhancing your internal health. This innovative system includes nutrition and fitness coaching, disease prevention, and hormone optimization. The combination of these health aspects, along with ongoing care and support will lead you to the lifestyle you have always imagined.

As discussed, one primary aspect of Dr. Life’s program is hormone optimization. This practice involves balancing hormone levels to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Hormones are created within one of the many endocrine glands throughout the body. These ductless glands then secrete the hormones directly into the bloodstream and into the predetermined organ or tissue. The hormones then tell the organ or tissue how to function.

Handling Hormone Levels

As we get older, our hormone levels become unbalanced. Some hormones may be overproduced in the endocrine glands, causing diseases and unwanted side effects. Other hormones may be under produced, which causes deficiencies and abnormalities in the body and brain. Depending on the type of hormone, deficiencies or over production of a particular chemical can have different effects on the aging process.

For instance, as we age, the Thyroid Gland, which controls metabolism, becomes lumpy and metabolism begins to decline. The decrease in the Thyroid hormone can lead to excess weight gain. A nearby gland, the Parathyroid, can also have deficient hormone output, which can effect bone density and lead to osteoporosis.

Another major hormone impacted by aging is Insulin, which is created in the Pancreas. Changes in Insulin levels can lead to Diabetes or high blood sugar. This can impact anything from weight gain to energy levels. Men in particular can be seriously impacted by a drop in Testosterone. This can lead to decreased sexual function and energy levels, as well as weight gain.

Often, if a hormone is over secreted, medication may be necessary to control the side effects created by the abnormality. If the hormone is deficient, hormone replacement therapy can bring the hormone back up to a normal level.

When you become a Dr. Life patient, our team will track your hormone levels throughout your treatment to ensure that your body and mind remain balanced as you mature. Any increase or decrease in hormone levels can identify a major red flag in your health. Once these are identified, however, Dr. Life and his team of experts will address any issues and get you on the path to optimal health and fitness. To ensure that your future is healthy and happy, contact Dr. Life today for a consultation.