You’ve probably heard talk around here at about hormones and their huge importance within the subject of #optimalhealth.  Good news!  If your hormone levels aren’t where they should be, there are hormone replacement options available!

But what exactly does that all mean?  

Well, the first place to start is to understand what hormones are and how they affect the body.  Essentially, these are your body’s messengers and if they are sluggish or missing, a lot of other things are going to be affected!

If we’re going to have #optimalhealth, we have to make sure that all the different areas are functioning normally and fully.  If, after discussion with your doctor and taking the necessary lifestyle changes towards better health, there is still no change in the levels of hormones, it might be time to think about replacement therapy.

But what does that look like?  

Sometimes, it’s best to have a first-hand walk through on the topic of hormone replacement.  Here’s a great article from Esquire magazine that mentions the ins and outs of therapy and includes Dr. Life’s work within its research.  A bit lengthy, but excellent information.

Chicago Health Online published a great article that talks about the importance of hormones for #optimal health and the potential benefits for replacement.

Finally, know your body!  Check out these signs and symptoms for low testosterone and discuss with your doctor any concerns.

Dr. Life is available to discuss these issues with as well via his telephone consultation service, or in-person at his West Virginia office.