Heart Healthy Habitsfor#optimalhealth

Eating Right

The fuel that you put into your heart healthy regime is SO important!  Make sure that your heart is receiving all it needs for #optimalhealth!!

Here are 8 steps to prevent heart disease through nutrition and healthy eating.

Find out the specific types of foods recommended for heart health… and start eating them!

Make sure these top heart-healthy food choices are in your fridge and pantry to keep your heart happy!

Check out Dr. Life’s recommendations for healthy eating that go straight to the heart.

Exercise for Life

Heart healthy habits MUST include exercise.  Your heart is a muscle, and without making it exercise, it becomes weak and won’t function properly.

Here’s some heart healthy exercise tips that will change your life.

A little goes a long way!  Here’s a 12 minute low impact cardio workout that you can fit in anywhere in the day!

Like to row?  Check out these 3 rowing machine workouts!

Don’t have a gym membership?  No problem!  Check out this website for completely free workouts!


Develop a Habit (or two or three)

Do you already HAVE an heart UNhealthy habit, like smoking?  Check out these 31 tips to quit smoking from people who already have!

Watch your blood pressure!!!  A great indicator for heart health!  Visit your doctor regularly and monitor per his or her recommendation.  Check this great infographic for more information!

Watch your weight… but also know your BMI and the healthy range for yourself.  Strive for a BMI of <25.  Don’t know how to calculate?  Visit this site to learn how.


To wrap it up…

Heart health is so important to your overall #optimalhealth goals!  Make sure you discuss every one of these ideas with your doctor!!  Don’t forget that you can take advantage of Dr. Life’s telephone consultation service and get expert advice from Dr. Life himself!  Also, if you’re in the Charleston, West Virginia area of the USA, you can make an appointment to visit his office and become a personal patient of Dr. Life.