Hitting the road this summer? Don’t go without our handy travel tips! It’s not hard to get distracted when you’re out of routine or weary from long hours of travelling. Keep yourself on track with workouts, healthy eating, sleep, and more!

Healthy eating

Healthy Sleeping

It’s hard to relax while you’re traveling.  Try these great tips from everydayhealth.com!

  • Block out light. Use a sleep mask to block out light and make it easier for you to sleep.
  • Reduce noise. The noise of a plane or bus engine along with the people around you can keep you up. Earplugs or noise-canceling headphones can block out sounds and promote sleep.
  • Bring your own sleep aids. To help make yourself comfortable enough to fall asleep, especially in an upright position, bring a neck pillow to support your head and a blanket to remind you of your home environment.

Healthy Workout