We have welcomed many new friends here to DrLife.com in the past few months, so here are some opportunities to hear a little bit more from Dr. Life himself and learn about the many benefits of being a Dr. Life client!



Here is a great interview with Brendan McGinley at Man Cave Daily.  Just a snippet to give you an idea:

MCD: Yeah, I’m guessing you’d want to avoid the after-dinner fried chocolate chip burritos.

Dr Life: It’s critically important for our overall health. We have an epidemic of heart disease in this country. Obesity and type II diabetes is killing, just killing Americans. And our kids. I’m very concerned about our children today and the way they eat and their lack of exercise.

MCD: Are you distinguishing between animal fats and other types of fats?

Dr Life: I do genetic testing to see what kind of genetic history you have in terms of the diets you should follow (APOE genotyping). There are some genotypes that should not eat fat. Others, we’ll call them animal fat genotypes, can eat animal fat. If I have a patient that has a family history of heart disease, or has heart disease himself, and he’s a genotype that should not be eating saturated fats, I’m all about keeping them on a low fat diet.

MCD: Is it ever ok to eat fat, in your opinion? I know a lot of people who would gladly trade a decade or two of life rather than give up bacon. One of them may or not be involved in this very conversation.

Dr Life: If their genotype is like 25-30% of people in this country then they can eat fat and not worry about it. So it all depends on the individual’s family history and medical history. I check for evidence of vascular disease and then work really hard on stopping the progression and reversing it. And sometimes I have to put them on a pretty extreme low fat diet. Almost a vegan diet. But not very often.

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