As we age, our bodies naturally become less flexible and mobile… unless we do something about it and keep working at that part of #optimalhealth! Here are some great tips and resources for different exercises and tips for things that you can do to continue the healthy movement of the joints in your body.

1.  Workout for bad knees from Women’s Magazine

“One of the most frequent comments I hear from new clients is, “I can’t do that because my knees are bad.” And my response is always, “Your knees are problematic because you haven’t been doing that move.” – trainer Holly Perkins

2. Exercises for osteoarthritis in the knees from Medicine.Net

“Stretching exercises also help prevent pain and injury.”

3. Pain relieving moves for a sore sacroiliac joint from

“While it’s true that treatment may be your best long term solution, some people, myself included, have gotten relief in a much more low tech way – by gently and skillfully moving the body.” – Anne Asher, CPT

4. Ten foods to avoid if you have joint pain as compiled by Top 10 Home Remedies

“Diet also plays a key role in managing joint pain.  If you suffer from joint pain, you need to avoid certain foods that may trigger inflammation and pain.”

5. Water exercises for arthritis from Medi Tricks.  We love these!!

“To prevent arthritis from reaching the extreme stage, doctors have recommended exercise to counter the wear and tear of the bones. These exercises must be especially designed considering the fragility of the joints. In this respect, water exercises for arthritis are a very good option. The buoyancy of the water presents minimal pressure and stress on the bones and so there are very less chances of injury.”

6. Best stretches after 50 from Next Avenue.

“When you stretch, you elongate your muscles around the joints which helps to increase the range of motion and in turn helps to avoid injury…”  – Joel Harper

Our bodies are made to move!  Don’t let them stop the healthy motions of stretching and exercising.  Keep going!