As we continue with our Healthy for the Holidays challenge, we come to the inevitable…S T R E S S .

Yes, despite careful planning, delegating, positive thinking, and intentionality, stress still comes to each of us.  Here are some great tips for staying grounded and minimizing stress this holiday season.  Remember, all of your body, soul, and mind are part of what creates your #optimalhealth.  Without managing stress in a healthy way, every other portion of your health WILL be affected.

Hold on to Self-Care

Yes, don’t forget in the midst of thinking of so many others during the holidays that you still need to think about YOU!  Check out this great article at to read about her tips to manage self-care during the holiday season.  Think yoga and being “present”.

Take Steps to Relieve Stress reminds us that stress will come, but that we can choose how to handle it.


Just say…NO

Yes, it’s true.  One of our biggest stress factors in life is that we struggle to say NO and allow imbalance to creep in to our daily living.  We all get 24 hours at a time.  How can you use it best?