Are you planning to retire early?  You don’t qualify for Medicare yet… so what options are out there?  You don’t need to be concerned or worried, you just need to research and make an informed decision!  Here are some ways to get started…


  1.  – Determine what your actual living costs for retirement will be.  This article from is excellent to help you navigate that decision.
  2. – Check out this post to find 9 ways to afford medical insurance before Medicare which includes finding ways to include travel in your retirement years while qualifying for medical coverage!
  3. – Thankfully, with new insurance reforms underway in the US, there are more affordable options for early retirees that can help to lower the overall cost of healthcare before the normal retirement age of 65.
  4. – Use this great tool from AARP to find out about how the newest healthcare laws affect your individual situation in your home state.
  5. – Shop around on this website to get some great quotes for people like you who are bridging the gap between retirement and Medicare coverage.


While this isn’t the most exciting topic, it’s important to stay informed and up-to-date on the ever changing health insurance field.  Here at we want you to be aware and make intelligent decisions about your health care so that you are able to achieve #optimalhealth!  Don’t let misinformation or no information affect your ability to be healthy and strive towards your health goals!  Feel free to reach out to Dr. Life and discuss your health needs!!  Utilize the telephone consultation service to receive personalized health coaching from Dr. Life as you continue to make informed health decisions in your retirement years.