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It’s a proven fact that people who practice lives of gratitude are healthier and more confident.  We’d all like that, right?  So how can we build gratitude into our daily lives and practice this important discipline to enhance our #optimalhealth?  Here are some great tips.

Gratitude… what do you mean by that?


Science says…

Yup, these are proven facts!  Gratitude really does make a difference!

hp12588_gratitude_infographic_v3How to get started…

Want some ideas?  Here’s a great list from!

  • Start small: write down a gratitude list just 5 minutes a day
  • Express it to others: write a letter or call someone and tell them why you’re grateful for them
  • Share it with others: those who teach often retain a deeper understanding of their lesson… if you teach others to be grateful by sharing what you do to remember your own gratitude, you’re more likely to do it yourself!