Are you living your “golden years”?  Have you realized that there’s so much potential yet-to-be in your life and want to make these your BEST years?  That’s a GREAT way to start improving your health and beginning to live in #optimalhealth.  It’s certainly NOT to late, in fact, it’s NEVER too late to get healthy and begin living your BEST life TODAY!

3 Important Steps to Getting Healthy After 60

1. Assess where you are TODAY.

  • Sit down and look at these areas of your life: nutrition, exercise, mental attitude, relationships, and overall health.
  • What would your IDEAL life look like?  Where are you NOW and where do you want to BE?
  • What changes do you need to make in your nutrition and exercise?  Look at potential supplements or other things you can do to get your body to it’s top performance!
  • Make it a priority to talk with your doctor and assess those areas that are potential obstacles to your #optimalhealth

2. Focus on FUN.

  • If these are the best years of your life… live like it!  Sure, we need to exercise and focus on health, but don’t forget to feed your FUN side too!  Find an activity you LOVE that will keep you MOVING and do it!  Check out how to keep your Gather a community around you and learn to make healthy food together.

3. Keep track.

  • Striving for #optimalhealth after 60 might take a little more proactive commitment than it did at 25.
    • Start a journal.
    • Set goals.
    • Work with a health or lifestyle coach and your doctor to monitor progress and reassess your needs.
    • Keep a list of things for which you are GRATEFUL.
    • Give back as you can.

This is your life!  Make these the best years you’ve had yet.  There is so much life left to live and you need to be healthy to do it well.  Remember, Dr. Life is available for personalized assessment and coaching!  Take advantage of his consultation services and the option to become a personal patient at his West Virginia office location.