Do you struggle to get all your nutrition in during the day?  Perhaps you have a busy lifestyle or work schedule.  Maybe, you just don’t LIKE all those “green things” that you need to be eating!  Well, try a smoothie!!!!  Smoothies are one of the BEST ways to pack a whole meal’s worth of nutrition into a quick, portable container and take it on the go.  Need some inspiration? Never “done” the smoothie thing before?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


Smoothies don’t have to be complicated!  Honestly, a lot of times, we open the fridge and use up veggies and fruits that otherwise wouldn’t get eaten!  Be creative!  Here’s a few GREAT recipes, just in case you only have brussel sprouts and dragon fruit… which might not be too bad…

Green Smoothies:

“Skinny” Smoothies: