As Dr. Life begins intesifying his work with human potential medicine through the Apeiron Center, there are many important aspects of genomics we want to share with you!  This is such an exciting and rapidly expanding field and the Apeiron Center is at the cutting edge both in technology and expertise to give you, our clients, the best guidance into this incredible opportunity to reach your #optimalhealth.

Two Important Aspects

Recently, Dr. Dan Stickler and Human Potential Coach Meghan Ganser wrote about some integral parts of human potential medicine on the Apeiron Center blog.  We’ll leave some excerpts of both articles and the link so you can read more about them yourself!


In this article, Dr. Dan Stickler informs us about telomeres, the “end-caps” on each of our chromosomes which act as a protective coating and keep the chromosomes in tact.  Research shows that “telomere shortening goes hand-in-hand with the aging process and is the direct cause of cells reaching the Hayflick Limit.”  The Apeiron Center has a process to measure your telomeres in order to determine the level of your chromosome health.  Visit Dr. Life’s website and contact him today to learn more!

The Power of Perception

Did you know that only 5% of our brains’ function is conscious?  The other 95% is subconscious and has much to do with our personal development from birth to age 7.  (We’re so thankful for Coach Meghan Ganser‘s expertise in this!)  Here’s an incredible quote from her article:

The emerging field of epigenetics continues to reorganize what is commonly understood about human potential, by asserting and proving that the expression of one’s genes can be selected or deselectedliterally turned off or onbased on the beliefs of the gene carrier. Signals and frequencies from the environment or body of the gene carrier activate or inhibit the gene to express, upping the value of living, working, and sharing time in positive, growth-oriented communities and environments. Good vibes, positive shared experiences, loving communication, healthy lifestyle, and the embrace of creative, flow states are increasingly proven to be valuable correlations to longevity, wellness, and success. One who is able to perceive, receive, and feel connected to a loving environment can shift his or her genetic expression and alter the course of their own life, and that of their progenies.