Have you ever wondered about your own body and how it reacts to nutrition, medicine, exercise, sleep, etc.?

Do you think, “Is there more than what I see on the surface?  Is there something I can do to help my body perform, move, and heal at a more efficient rate?”

What if you found out that there was a genetic code, wired into each cell in your body, that can be “read” and understood to help answer those questions?

There is!  These questions and many more are what the exciting field of Genomics is all about!

Here are five quick facts about Genomics:

Genomics- 5 Facts

This is an exciting time in history where we see scientific advancements in the area of individualized medicine due to the extensive work in sequencing and mapping the human genome.  We are able to begin the process of utilizing this new genetic information to help our clients and customers discover the very best and most personalized methods for care, diet, and exercise to perform at the highest level of health possible.  There is much more to learn!  We are committed at Dr. Life to continue studying and developing ways to help our clients become the healthiest version of themselves possible!

We encourage you to explore more about this topic!  Check out Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code to get a better feel for what the human genome is and what it could mean for your optimal health.