As we discussed a few weeks ago, there is great advancement in the field of human genomics, the study of the human genome.


To continue to learn more about the field of genomics, we’ve compiled a list of 3 great resources to keep you learning about this amazing field of science, which will greatly impact the pursuit of #optimalhealth as it improves our ability to work with personalized medicine.

1. Here is a great video from the Smithsonian Institute that was part of their recent “The Future is Here” exhibit.  Take a few minutes of your lunch break and check it out!  

2.  Here is another video that takes you inside the recent US initiative for Personalized Medicine to understand it from a disease and drug perspective.  This type of technology will not only help the medical field to target specific drugs for specific diseases, but also allows us to utilize this information to help individuals live longer, more productive lives of #optimalhealth based on their unique genetic information!  [wpdevart_youtube]zkagtWSeisQ[/wpdevart_youtube]

3.  Finally, while it’s no substitute for genetic testing, here is a great tool from the Surgeon General which allows you to map out your family history (a big indicator of genetics!) to discuss these things with your doctor and decide whether genetic testing is a good idea for your particular situation.  


This is such an amazing time in scientific history where we are seeing this technology develop as we understand more about the human genome!  Keep watching and learning as this will mean big things for your #optimalhealth.  There is no substitute for diet and exercise, this is simply another tool to help us personalize individual cases as we strive to live the best lives we can!

As always, Dr. Life would love to discuss these things personally with you through his telephone consultation service, or as a personal patient in his West Virginia office!