Dr. Life has been at RAAD Fest in San Diego, California for the last few days.  In addition to speaking and promoting The Life Center for Healthy Aging, LifeVantage, and his new, interactive Inner Circle, Dr. Life was interviewed by Rusty Humphries of Right Wing News. The interview wasn’t political.  In fact the only “controversy” in the interview was a friendly dispute about how many hours Suzanne Summers thinks Dr. Life works out every day (She told Rusty that Dr. Life works out two hours per day…Doc says only one).  Rusty just wanted to share about the great stuff Dr. Life has available to help you have healthy, youthful, long life.

It’s a fun interview.  Enjoy!

Dr. Life and Suzanne Summers are both too kind for us to get any celebrity fitness controversy going, but it is nice to know that Suzanne thinks Dr. Life has to work twice as hard to be so fit.

As you can see, the word is out about LifeVantage and Dr. Life’s Inner Circle.  Since we are limiting the Inner Circle to just 100 participants, I advise signing up now!