There are exciting things happening in the health optimization field, and we want to share them with you here at DrLife.com. Today we are introducing you to  Dr. Dan Stickler and his organization, Apeiron, based in Asheville, North Carolina.  Apeiron was created to help individuals reach their highest potential through looking carefully at their genetic makeup, something which we call “genomics”.  Essentially, genomics is the exploration and understanding of the uniqueness of the human DNA and how that information can be used to personalize and achieve fitness potential.  Your unique genome, or DNA makeup, when studied and understood, can help to determine the very best course for diet, exercise, physical, mental, and emotional performance.  Ultimately, the philosophy of Apeiron is to use what we call “Human Potential Medicine” to utilize “our medical technology and advancements to enhance human function and performance. “

Dr. Stickler is a highly experienced medical doctor and pioneer in the field of human potential.  He has a background in nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics (topics we will discuss in further detail soon here on Dr. Life) as well as in optimizing the neurocognitive function for his clients.   This expertise is what gives Dr. Spickler great insight into defining a client’s ability to perform at the highest capacity possible for their individual genome (unique DNA makeup).  

Dr. Spickler and his caring, highly trained staff at Apeiron are working incredibly hard to give their clients the best chance at living a pure and accurate version of the potential quality of life available to them.  The staff at Apeiron includes certified physicians, wellness coaches, therapists, as well as many more talented and qualified individuals who are ready “to assist each client to move beyond his or her limited condition to a limitless state of human potential.”   We recommend you check out their Facebook page and website to see for yourself all the incredible options available to you through Human Potential Medicine at Apeiron.  

This exciting field is something we at Dr. Life believe will greatly enhance the future of our mission to strip away obstacles and allow our clients to achieve top potential in all areas of life.