Sometimes, you just need to bring back a classic.  This is one of our favorite interviews that Dr. Life did with Joe Miragliotta of  Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite.  Head over to read this one!  Then, hop on over to the video page to see some more one-on-one interviews with the Doctor himself.

Interview with Dr. Life

Are there any super foods we should be eating every day and why?
Lean proteins (fish, chicken, red meat, and soy) because they build muscle, requires more burns calories to metabolize, and improves your immune system; organic green leafy vegetables (raw, juiced, or steamed) because they are loaded with antioxidants that prevent vascular disease.

What type of diet goes with your training regimen? Paleo? Vegan? Raw vegan? Pescetarian?
Low-fat, low-glycemic.

Do you juice?
I’m a big believer with juicing, but it has to be with vegetables and non-tropical fruits.