Are you are worried about how aging is impacting your body? Do you have concerns that you may end up like your parents as they aged? Get the tools you need to trump your genetics by joining our LifeClub today. The LifeClub is an easy to follow exercise, nutrition, hormone optimization, and disease prevention program developed by Dr. Jeffry S. Life, MD, PhD, FAAFP. By using the principles he teaches in this exclusive program, Dr. Life is in the shape of his life at 77 years old. In fact, in 2012, Men’s Fitness Magazine named Dr. Life as one of the top 25 fittest men of the year.

With a LifeClub membership, you too can learn the principles and techniques that earned Dr. Life such outstanding fitness accolades. The LifeClub training program will help you get a stronger, sexier, and healthier body at any age. The program also provides educational tools to help you improve the quality of your life. You will learn important tips regarding:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Proper eating and nutrition
  • As well as information on heart attack and stroke prevention.


A LifeClub Membership Offers:

-Exclusive access to expert advice in nutrition and exercise. These nationally recognized experts share their knowledge in the fields of heart health, heart attack and stroke prevention, stem cell therapies, nutrition and aging.

-Weekly videos and newsletters are also included in the program to help participants continue to learn about a variety of health, fitness, and lifestyle topics, such as sex life.

-A custom LifeClub training program


Success From the Program

This program and the information provided in Dr. Life’s three books, The Life Plan, Mastering the Life Plan and The Life Plan Diet have changed the life of many people who thought health and fitness were unattainable as they aged.

The program has garnered incredible outcomes for participants. For example, one LifeClub member, Sal Mercadante, applied the techniques he learned through Dr. Life’s program and books and was able to lose over 100 pounds of body fat, and gained substantial muscle mass and strength. Sal’s results were remarkable, and yours can be too.


Ready To Start?

If you are an aging man or woman who wants to put the focus on health and fitness as you mature, then the Dr. Life LifeClub membership is for you. For only $20.00 a month, you will learn the techniques necessary to improve the quality of your life and make the second half of your life the best half. This is the best anti aging program out there so sign up HERE today!