We love coconut oil!  Hopefully, after our last blog post on the topic, you went out and gave some of those suggestions a try!  How has it been going?  Do you love all the great benefits of something completely natural and OH SO GOOD for you?!

We love this oil so much we’re doing round 2 of some great tips and resources for using coconut oil as part of your #optimalhealth regimen!  Read on for more!

Wondering about the fat?

So… coconut OIL obviously has a lot of fat.  Wondering how that can be part of an #optimalhealth regimen?  Read what Jen Reviews has to say on this topic!

…coconut oil’s primary fat constituents are medium-chain fatty acids, including

  • Lauric acid (45 to 52%)
  • Caprylic acid (5 to 10%)
  • Capric acid (4 to 8%)

The most common medium-chain fat in coconut oil is lauric acid, making up almost 75% of coconut oil’s fait content. Medium chain fatty acids are connected with a higher rate of weight loss – in fact, subjects in a study who replaced olive oil with coconut oil or palm oil were shown to lose weight at a much quicker rate. These medium-chain fatty acids have also been studied for their efficacy at treating Alzheimer’s, and helping the body absorb nutrients more efficiently.

Need some ideas on how to incorporate it daily?

How about 151 of those ideas?!  Our friends over at HealthAmbition.com have compiled a list of 151 uses for coconut oil!!  Wow!  This has everything you could possibly imagine for uses of coconut oil including in the kitchen, personal hygiene and beauty, boosting health (by taking it internally), as a natural remedy for multiple health issues, household uses, and even ideas for pets and babies!  You can’t go wrong with these ideas.  Here’s a few of our favorites:

  • Prolong the life of eggs?!  Oh yes!
  • Wrinkle prevention (smooth skin, anyone?)
  • Stress relief (we need to add this to our own list!)
  • Clean hands and paint brushes

This is a MUST HAVE for your #optimalhealth as well as a GREAT component of a multitude of natural remedies and homemade cleaners.  Check these out and let us know your favorites over on the Facebook conversation!