Yoga has significant health benefits like reducing stress, and improving your overall physical fitness, strength and even flexibility. Did you know that roughly 21 million people are doing yoga?

The best part is, there are different types of yoga for folks that aren’t as flexible. Chair yoga for seniors is popular and just as beneficial as regular yoga. Here’s three great seated poses that will get you feeling better and younger!

1. Be a Seated Mountain

First and foremost before beginning any workout, stretch! Even if you just move your arms from side to side for a minute. Every little bit helps to prevent injury.

The seated mountain helps with engaging your core, your posture and breathing. Take a deep breath and sit up straight, like you would in a chair.

As you’re exhaling, start rooting down into the chair with your tailbone. Note, your legs should be at 90-degree angles, with your knees directly over your ankles.

Next, roll your shoulders down your back, pulling your bellybutton toward your spine, relaxing your arms down at the sides of your body. If the chair has armrests, clear them out or fold them up if the chair has that option.

2. Be an Eagle

This pose is best for the shoulders and upper back. Isn’t the back always 99.9 percent of the problem anyways? If you’re attempting to do some great back exercises, those aches and pains may never go away.

First, take a deep breath and as you’re inhaling, stretch out those arms to your sides. As you exhale, bring your arms in front of you, swinging the right arm under the left and give yourself a big hug.

While inhaling, lift those elbows a bit. When exhaling, roll the shoulders down, relaxing them away from the ears. The key here is to breath. Repeat the elbow lift and shoulder roll, giving yourself additional hugs in between.

3. The Best Chair Yoga Pose for Seniors Is the Twist!

Are you ready to twist again like you did last summer? Twisting helps with lower back pain and circulation. Why do you think the twist was invented?

You won’t need the chair back as much in this pose. You’ll want to inhale, extend your spine and raise the arms out to your sides and up. As you’re exhaling, start to twist to the right with your upper body and lower arms.

Now, look over your right shoulder. You can use the chair to grip, but don’t force the twisting or you’ll just hurt yourself even more. After counting to five breaths, release your twist, face the front and switch to the left side.

For some twisting help, check out this video. That Chubby Checker was onto something!

How We Can Help

Exercising isn’t for everyone, which is why chair yoga for seniors is a great alternative. If you’re really looking to get into, we can help.

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