Many people are using biohacking supplements to boost their health to new levels. But are the benefits of taking these supplements worth it?

There are many products being introduced into the market that offer enhanced brain function and more energy and vitality. But biohacking the body can be achieved externally with supplements and internally by regulating body functions.

For example, employees in Silicon Valley have taken to fasting to boost their productivity.

Some people experiencing poor health have seen improvement in their levels of vitality and performance using supplements that enhance function and performance.

Check out the information below to learn if biohacking supplements are a good choice for you.

Nutrition Is the Foundation

Before we talk about supplementation, it’s important to start with the foundation for good health.

Maintaining good health requires making choices about lifestyle and diet to optimize how your body functions. It all begins with good nutrition.

Essential nutrients include good fats, carbs, proteins, and micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. Supplements can support your core nutrition, but without real food, you won’t be able to meet your goals for improving your health.

And don’t forget the essentials of water and oxygen. Good hydration and oxygenation are the most fundamental nutrients for sustaining life. Once you have a core foundation of good nutrition, you can more readily derive benefit from supplements.

Superfoods and Antioxidants


The depletion of our soil has caused a nutritional deficiency in our food today.

Our bodies need to do a lot of work to get nutrients. That’s why biohacking superfoods are so popular. Most nutritional companies have their version of a superfood powder. These nutritional supplements can deliver most of the nutrients the body needs daily and may be more absorbable than multivitamin capsules.

While multivitamins have been used for this purpose, that market is saturated with many low-quality products. Some have fillers and binders. Others may be synthetic.

Because the vitamins in these products are often isolated, the body may not recognize them. So, the cofactors necessary to absorb them may not be available. In contrast, nutrient-dense foods are bioavailable for absorption by the body.


Antioxidants help to eliminate the free radicals that attack our bodies every day. Free radicals are caused by toxins in our environment.

Supplements can biohack cell performance to repair this damage by neutralizing free radicals and stabilizing the body. Ridding our bodies of free radicals can prevent disease.

Biohacking Supplements for the Brain

Nootropics are biohacking supplements designed to improve brain function by boosting cognition and memory. The various types of nootropics work differently. Some affect the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is vital for brain function. Others affect hormones like antidepressants do. Here are some other possible benefits:

  • Help with inflammation
  • Increase clarity and focus
  • Stimulate memory and improve cognitive performance
  • Combat fatigue and boost productivity

Although nootropics biohack the brain to give it mental clarity and focus using synthetic chemicals, little research is available.

Anti-Aging Benefits from Supplements

Imbalance of mitochondria in the cells can accelerate aging. This also results in inflammation, lack of sleep, and poor performance.

Biohacking supplements that balance your cellular mitochondria can also boost your brain function and increase your energy. And there is an added anti-aging benefit.

But there are other ways of achieving longevity.

Certain areas of the world called blue zones have been studied widely. People in these regions live beyond 100 years. Studies have found their longevity has to do with lifestyle. Here are some things these populations practice daily:

  • Eat together as the family
  • No smoking
  • Eat healthy veggies
  • Have a purpose in life
  • Do walking or gardening daily
  • Social interaction in close circles

Perhaps simplifying our lives may be another way to biohack our health.

Fit for Life

Staying healthy is a life-long commitment to keep your body functioning optimally. A good diet, healthy lifestyle, and regular exercise are key to maintaining good health.

Deciding to supplement your nutritional deficiencies is essential to your health. And using biohacking supplements can help you achieve optimum performance results.

But most importantly, educating yourself about health products introduced into the market is essential to your wellness journey.

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