It’s estimated that thousands of people across the globe have magnetic implants. Welcome to biohacking.

The term is just as controversial as the practice, with critics denouncing it as dangerous and advocates claiming it has the potential for every cure imaginable.

However, what is this new term that’s being thrown about? How can it affect your life?

Because it can. In a multitude of ways.

Here’s how.

What Is Biohacking?

It doesn’t have to include wires and computers and mad scientists laughing maniacally in the background.

Biohacking is a diverse practice. It can include something as simple as going on a diet or something as complex as stopping apples from turning brown.

In this practice, anyone interested in biology is given the chance to explore, generally with the intent of inventing or manufacturing a product.

Participants follow their curiosities without the benefits of funding, labs or fancy machinery. Through science and experimentation, biohackers tinker with DNA to garner a deeper understanding of life or to create something new.

How Does It Work?

The process is almost completely up to the biohacker’s whim. Kay Aull, one of the practice’s leading pioneers, found her start after her father was diagnosed with haemochromatosis, a hereditary disease. She created a makeshift lab exam to test if she had the condition, too.

She did it in her closet.

It really starts with research. Biohackers, also called biopunks or outlaw biologists, pinpoint what they would like to do and begin collecting the equipment and means to do it. Then they explore.

Seriously. That’s it.

Why Does This Matter?

Biohacking has the potential to create a better you.

I mean that literally.

Diet Changes

Hacking your diet means keeping track of what you eat and how it impacts your body, oftentimes with the use of apps and tests. This can be as drastic as you make it (just take a look at the Bulletproof Diet for an example).

Better Sleep

Are you in the 30% of sleep-deprived American workers?

Biohacking can change this, too.

For instance, biopunk Eric Matzner takes a cold shower before bed. And guess what? He sleeps like a baby.


Becoming an outlaw biologist can also deter those wrinkles. And doing so doesn’t have to involve test tubes and lab coats.

Natural remedies are abundant; you just need to try them, record the results, and see what works best for you.

The Options Are Endless

Applying this process to yourself is simply a means to force you into action. You can get better sleep, shave off weight and concentrate easier. You can extend your life or strengthen your inner chi.

The options really are endless.

Do you want to feel better? If so, this may be an option for you.

Great! Can I Have My Tiger Claws Now?

Woah, slow down.

It’s important to note that becoming a biohacker takes patience, ethical awareness, a willingness to research and dedication.

Without these characteristics, you won’t do so hot as a biopunk.

Those Are High Expectations . . .

I know.

Sorting through all of that information and discovering what works for YOU is where we come in. Together, we can get that muscle mass, make you energized and change your life.

Become a patient today to learn more.