Have you tried out the amazing, beneficial apple cider vinegar (also know as ACV)?  Well, if not, it’s about time!  This powerful detoxifying agent can do so many incredible things once you introduce it into your #optimalhealth routine.  Read on to see!

Uses of ACV

Not just for use in cooking or your water bottle, there are a lot of amazingly easy ways to use ACV!  Check out this infographic from lifehack.org.

Health Benefits of ACV

ACV is good for nearly everything that ails you!  It can help with everything from relieving constipation to fighting allergies!  Here is a great list from guthealthproject.com

Ways to get it in!

Let’s face it.  Even with the amazing benefits and uses for ACV, it is, well, vinegar.  Not the most appetizing of options for #optimalhealth!  Here are some sneaky and downright tasty ways to get ACV into your system!

Berry Lemon ACV drink

6 easy ACV salad dressings