Do you have a green thumb? Did you know that there’s great health benefits to gardening? If you didn’t have a green thumb, maybe it’s time to start digging in the dirt!

Physical Benefits

Gardening comes with a whole slew of physical benefits!  Have you ever gone out to weed the vegetable patch and realized a day or two later that you’re muscles were a little less-than-conditioned for those movements?  That’s because the movements involved in gardening are the same that improve flexibility, bone strength, and muscle tone!  (


Mental Benefits

Gardening has been show to relive stress as well as increase the levels of dopamine (neurochemical that has to do with feelings of pleasure).  A harmless bacteria found in soil is believed to have an affect on serotonin, which in turn lowers the level of anxiety found in your brain.  Essentially, gardening is a free antidepressant!

Still not convinced?  Food that is grown and harvested from your own garden has many more nutritional benefits than food purchased from the grocery store.