Do you love to walk as much as we do?!  One of the most important considerations for walking, considering you’re using your feet, is what kind of shoe you put on first.  Are you needing extra arch support?  Is there an ankle injury you’re protecting?  Always check in with your doctor to determine the best support for your #optimalhealth, but here are some expert tips and guidelines to go with as you decide on a walking shoe.

walking1Check your fit.

According to, you should check your walking shoe fit by not just crossing the shoe store isle, but by finding an incline to go up and down.  Scuff those feet to check for how your toes touch the shoes!

They also have a great article on how to know when to replace your shoes. 

Determine your arch.

Do you have a high, neutral, or flat arch?  Don’t know?  Check out this article by the University of Illinois to determine how you can figure that out before purchasing a walking shoe!

Read someone else’s recommendations.

Want to see what the experts recommend?  Here’s a list by The Fitness Walking Guide of their best shoes for 2016.