As Dr. Life has joined the staff of The Apeiron Center and is seeking to enhance the resources and opportunities for his clients, we want to continue to highlight the incredible opportunities available through this model of human potential medicine.  Dr. Life is contributing his expertise in healthy aging in order to create a fuller package of services for The Apeiron Center.

Here is an informational video to help you understand more about The Apeiron Center and their mission to help clients acheive #optimalhealth and an #epiclife through genomics and their understanding of the limitless potential of human beings.


What we love about the Apeiron Center is that they don’t just focus on nutrition and physical health.  They have created a holistic perception of #optimalhealth and are working from the inside out to improve the client’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual self.

Doesn’t this sound like a much more well-rounded view of #optimalhealth and your potential to live an “epic life” as you age? Dr. Life has consultation appointments open and is ready to discuss these incredible options with you!  Visit the contact page and get started today with Dr. Life’s expertise and the resources of The Apeiron Center to help you on your journey to living your best life TODAY.