While there are a lot of great ideas for working out at home, exercise in the great outdoors, or even getting in some calorie-burn with the grandkids, many of us still prefer to set aside time and invest in a gym membership.  But, for most of us, that involves a serious investment and can be prohibitive in our journey towards #optimalhealth.  So, what options are available to help in affording the gym?  We want to empower you to be your best, and that includes utilizing your resources well!  Here are 5 great tips that we’ve found to help you afford a gym membership and take advantage of all the great opportunities for your health that are available there.

Use Your Insurance

Did you know that most insurance policies will give you discounts or reimbursements on a gym membership?  It makes sense, doesn’t it? Your insurance, frankly, doesn’t want you to get sick!  Helping you to be healthy is one of the best ways to prevent that!

Try the Community Center instead

Ok, so this isn’t the gym, but many community centers have incredible workout equipment and exercise classes, including things like yoga and ballroom dance!  The membership costs are often 50% less, in most cases.  Also, check the local high school.  Sometimes they have gymnasiums that are open to the public at certain times of day that can give you a similar workout to the big-ticket gym.

Check Online

If you’re internet savvy, you can shop around town for the best deals on gym memberships.  Like one gym for what it offers, but find another that’s got a lower membership fee?  Negotiate to lower based on competition!

Join at the End of the Month… Off Season

Gyms often have membership “quotas” that they want to fill each month.  If you go toward the end of the month the managers are more likely to cut you a deal.  “Off season” at a gym is NOT during the New Year, when everyone wants to join for their resolutions.  Try joining in the summer when no one wants to be inside a gym.  You’re more likely to get a better rate!

Check Your Contract

Many gym memberships include “extras” like time with a personal trainer, a certain number of included classes, tanning (don’t do it!), etc.  If you cut out those extras and explain that you are not interested in anything except the equipment and/or a class or two, the manager may be willing to strike a deal for your lower cost.


There are ways around the cost of a gym membership!  Give it a shot and see what you are able to do!  Join the conversation on our Facebook page to talk about ways YOU’VE saved on gym memberships!