One danger as we grow older is the loss of mobility in our core and joints.  The effects of decreased flexibility leads to increased risk of injury with movement of muscles that are no longer limber and able to easily move and support the body.  In short, less flexibility = decreased #optimalhealth.  No one wants that as they deal with the effects of aging!  Here at Dr. Life, we’re about helping our clients find their ultimate potential through healthy living and moving.  We need to make maintaining and improving flexibility a priority in whatever health endeavors we determine to engage on a routine basis.

One excellent and highly recommended way to improve, increase, and even regain flexibility in the core and joints of your body is by taking up yoga.  Not only is yoga an excellent way to exercise, it is also used in meditation and deep breathing techniques designed to center your mind and improve your mental health.  We wanted to give you our top 8 resources to enhance or begin your own yoga experience!  Keep those muscles toned and loose!  Don’t let yourself lose mobility as you age. Keep yourself as limber and flexible as you are able to safely do.  As always, discuss these options with your doctor, or give Dr. Life a call and get his opinion and expertise for your #optimalhealth journey!


1. Core Strengthening Exercises for those over 60.

2. Chair yoga (for the office, or perfect for those who deal with fibromyalgia!)

3. If you’re working on those abs, these are great stomach exercises.

4. Some great descriptions of yoga moves for stretching.

5. Great article on Staying Fit after 60, including some excellent pointers on stretching and flexbility.

6. For those of us who are visual learners, here are some great photos of yoga poses for those over 60.

7. Beautiful list of the benefits of yoga for those over 60.

8. Beginning yoga for over 60.