Sometimes, with so many available options and so many ideas regarding your health, what do you do first?!  Here are 5 easy ways for you to do something easy to start working on your #optimalhealth TODAY!

1. Schedule your next workout

Do you tend to miss a workout because you’re “too busy”?  Build it into your schedule! Then there’s no excuse!

2. Take a 5-minute breather

No, really.  Try this out!

3. Go outside

Just take a minute… or 5… try some breathing while you walk around and you’ll feel SO much better!

4. Read some labels

Yup, take a minute to read what you’re eating.  See what’s fueling your day and your body.

5. Straighten Up!

Did you know?  Poor posture can affect more than just your lower back.  How about herniated discs, headaches, etc.?