An orange has 116% of your daily nutrition needs. This is extremely helpful when preparing for your first 5k.

Why would an orange be useful? We are going to go over why you should be eating an orange a day and other great nutrition tips.

By following these great tips you’ll be ready for your first 5k in no time.

1. Don’t Over Fuel

It is a common misconception that you need to load up on carbs when you start running. This is not the case.

The reality is that most of our bodies already have the stores to fuel our 30-minute runs. This is especially the case in the beginning.

Carb loading is designed for already active runners doing 90 minutes or more. This means you don’t need to worry about it preparing for your 5k.

With that though, you should include healthy, complex, slow releasing carbs. These types of foods are oats, brown rice, or sweet potatoes. Foods to avoid are things like white bread or cookies.

If you try to carb load before your 5k, you will have a lot of calories you don’t need. You’ll feel bloated, nauseous, and heavy legs.

2. Recover with Protein

You need to build muscle along with endurance when preparing for your first 5k. Protein is vital for building muscle.

Try to eat protein within 45 minutes of finishing your run. This is especially important if you haven’t eaten any protein in the two hours before your run.

It’s important to get the right amount of protein in the beginning while your body is adjusting to the new level of activity. Having enough protein in your nutrition plan helps your body repair muscles and tendons.

Try to pick a protein that is lean like chicken, tofu, eggs, nuts, or fish.

3. Oranges

Switch your apple a day to an orange. Eating oranges while beginning your 5k plan will help reduce muscles soreness.

A study in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism shows that eating Vitamin C before your workout reduces soreness.

4. Hydrate with Electrolytes

It is essential to drink enough water. It is even more important when you are running and sweating more than average.

Shoot for at least 2 liters or 8 cups a day. Try to drink your water throughout the day.

Electrolytes are vitamins and minerals that your body needs to perform. Now that you are going to be running more, you need to replenish your electrolytes.

You should aim to get your vitamins and minerals from your diet. Only consider supplements as an add-on, not a primary source.

5. Lowfat Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk has been found to be one of the best recovery drinks for runners. It’s full of naturally occurring electrolytes to keep you hydrated.

The sweetness of it speeds up the delivery of energy to your muscles helping you refuel faster.

Build the Rest of Your Nutrition Plan

Now that you have a start on your meal plan with these five great tips, it’s time to build the rest of your health plan. You’ll be running your first 5k in no time!