One of the greatest joys about being healthy is that you are able to spend time with those you love… for a lot longer!  What a great opportunity to instill a love of healthy living and activity with someone close to you… how about the grand-kids??  Why not try some of these great exercise ideas next time you have them over?!


1.  Set up an obstacle course in the backyard.  Try some stations along the way where you have to do jumping jacks or run in place.

2.  Get outside and hike or bike at a local trail!  Not only will it keep you all moving, but it gets the kids outdoors for   some fresh air (and makes them tired for bedtime!).

3.  If you’re a technology-savvy grandparent, and you have a gaming system at your house, pick up a dance game and jig along together!

4.  Are you a water aerobics fanatic?  Take the grandkids along with you for open swim and teach them to do laps!  They’ll have a blast and you just might get the best workout of your life!

5.   If it’s a rainy or cold day and you can’t get outside, how about printing out this exercise card game?  What a fun way to do something exercise-related AND teach some animal names or sounds!


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